In a story as old as time, a new product comes to market, fails to make an impact, then fizzles out. Now, in talking with our customers, what we have learned is that some of the new “ground-breaking” solutions just end up causing more headaches than they’re worth. So, when the time came to expand our biological product offerings within the wastewater market, we sought to rewrite that story and began the process of developing our Biotifx® platform. Initially, our research and development team became laser focused on creating a top-notch product that would aim to serve a variety of needs for the wastewater community. Just as it’s sometimes hard to upgrade to that new piece of computer software – changing the process can be scary. Removing the fear and risk became the foundation of our Biotifx® program. We saw the importance of spending time outside of the lab to create a complete program that was grounded on what MDG does best: partnerships.


First, let’s quickly talk about our product innovation. It began with asking questions and then many more followed. Simply put: we listened. We heard about the challenges faced by facilities and got to work. Building on our library of over 10,000 strains of Bacillus, we went out looking for the handful of strains that would work best against these challenges. The goal was to identify strains that would digest complex substrates such as fat, oil, and grease (FOG) in addition to reducing hydrogen sulfide, sludge build-up, and pesky odorous compounds.

Once selected, strains were tested in different blends to ensure they were able to work seamlessly together because synergy between strains is absolutely key. The specific number of strains was determined in order to provide the most complete, robust product possible. In addition, we enhanced the products by adding our proprietary blend of micronutrients and biostimulants. This product development process was extensive, time consuming, and most definitely not the easiest way to go about producing a new product – but the meticulous effort put in from our entire team is a perfect example of the MDG difference. In addition to offering a great product, we recognize that the best success comes when the product is applied in the proper location, at the right time, and at the correct dosage. To make sure these pieces of the puzzle were met, we knew the Biotifx® platform was going to need to include a little something special.


One of our key philosophies defines that our success is measured through that of our customers. So, when developing our new platform, we considered many angles. Foremost was the fact that bioaugmentation in wastewater has not been something easily understood and implemented. As with anything new, there is fear of the unknown. Unboxing this fear around the “blackbox” and reducing the guess work became our top priority. We began to structure our teams in a way where one-on-one classroom and onsite support would be available to kick things off with our partners. This is when MDG’s C.A.T.E.R® (Consult, Analyze, Treat, Evaluate, Report) approach, our distributors wastewater education platform, and C Training curriculum were developed. Within these offerings, we now teach our distribution partners about the benefits of bioaugmentation and show the cost-saving opportunities to pledge quick sales with a high return on investment for all involved. Our experienced team members are able to make time to lead in-person field training, help with proposals, while also coordinate the development of a curated toolbox full of easy-to-use sales resources for our partners. We want our customers to know that we really are here every step of the way, helping to ensure measurable success.

In summary, the current products in our Biotifx® platform are formulated with hardy strains that thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions. They work harder, faster and over a longer-term versus chemicals and other alternative treatment methods. We couple that with the ability to provide close partnerships, education, sales tools and onsite support to guide through full treatment programs for sludge tanks, lift stations and lagoons. This combination of product meets partnership is the foundation of our one-of-a-kind Biotifx® platform.

Since its introduction in 2015, the MDG wastewater team has accumulated a library of case studies exhibiting the success our customers have seen. Many of these success stories have been made possible by our loyal distribution partners, to whom we are honored to do business with. While it hasn’t always been easy, our Biotifx® program has made the transition into bioaugmentation solutions more approachable and exciting when we demonstrate Proven Success. At MDG our tagline is Real Science, Trusted Process and Proven Success. MDG refines and delivers products and ideas by applying Real Science to a Trusted Process, yielding Proven Success.

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