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Custom Fermentation

The Importance of Strain Purity Testing in Custom Fermentation

At MDG, we are Bacillus experts with over 20 years of experience growing pure cultures for our customers. We are continually honing our methods to find the most effective, efficient way to create quality microbial ingredients, and one contributing factor is purity testing. From performing testing through strain typing methods to producing and selling only single-strain tanks, let’s explore the process of purity testing to find out why creating effective microbial products happens one strain at a time. What is strain purity testing, and how is it done? Strain purity testing is the process of checking a growing Bacillus culture to ensure it is a match for the target strain. Testing can also confirm that there are no non-target organisms present in the culture. Purity testing can be done in a multitude of ways. We have a variety of genomic methods at our disposal that allow for thorough, efficient testing of each Bacillus culture. Testing is conducted at several steps of the process, including: Seed bank Inoculation flask Fermentation tank Dried culture (finished product) Monitoring the purity of the culture at multiple points allows us to catch and correct any potential errors as soon as possible and keep the process […]

Industrial and Institutional

MDG’s Solutions to Portable Toilet Odors: A Guide for Distributors

As summer begins, outdoor events, construction projects, and gatherings become much more frequent, and portable toilets usually found at these locations can present a significant odor challenge. Managing those odors is essential for maintaining both public and environmental health. At MDG, we have extensive experience in microbial technologies, and our advanced biological solutions provide an innovative approach to tackling these odors effectively. Odors Have an Impact Odor control affects not only user comfort but also the overall acceptance and viability of portable toilets at public and commercial venues. When not properly addressed, the odors that portable toilets cause can cast the event—and potentially the portable sanitation suppliers—in a negative light. Effective odor management, on the other hand, can enhance customer satisfaction and bolster the reputation of distributors and event organizers alike. The Impact of Our Products Microbial solutions are a great way to combat odors, particularly in the application of portable sanitation. Unlike traditional chemical options, our biologically based treatments utilize Bacillus to digest waste materials, effectively reducing odors. A solution like this not only minimizes unpleasant smells but also contributes to a healthier environment by reducing the reliance on harsh chemical agents. MDG’s microbial products are also created with […]


A Guide to Wastewater Success: People, Products, and Programs

Working in the wastewater treatment industry comes with its challenges. Your customers may face problems like sludge buildup, odors, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production, and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) accumulation. As their supplier, you need a solution you can count on to help them succeed. That’s where we come in with our innovative, research-based, and hands-on platform: Biotifx®. Our Biotifx® platform includes access to our wastewater treatment product line, expert-led training to drive application success in the field, and continual support from our team members throughout the sales process. We break these benefits into three main categories: People, Products, and Programs. Read on to learn more about each of these three pillars and how MDG’s Biotifx® platform can help you bring successful Bacillus-based solutions to your customers working in wastewater treatment. People When you partner with MDG, you can trust that we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the marketplace. From training and field support to assistance with administrative tasks like product line development and private labeling, we walk with you on your wastewater bioaugmentation journey to show you just how successful you can be. We know how important it is to talk to real people to […]

Custom Fermentation

The Commercialization of Microbial Solutions

As a Bacillus manufacturer, we work to grow our partners’ pure single-strain Bacillus cultures and scale the process so that they receive exactly what they need. Our success in the commercialization of microbial solutions comes from our trusted process and our commitment to quality and partnership, so that the transition from concept to commercial is not just a possibility, but a proven outcome. The Growth of Bacillus At the heart of our success is a deep understanding of microbials and their potential in multiple applications. The initial step in our process is optimizing the Bacillus culture for maximum growth. We measure a strain’s growth in a variety of media, ultimately landing on the one best suited for highest yield and setting the stage for success throughout the rest of the commercialization process. A Partnership for Progress At MDG, we put our partners first. When we grow your Bacillus culture, we work closely with you to refine and improve processes to ensure you’re receiving the strain and yield you’re aiming for. To make your journey to market successful, an active and involved partnership is key. We’ve seen this collaborative effort lead to efficiency and proven marketplace success for our customers. Custom […]

Industrial and Institutional

How to Handle Odors Within Septic Systems After Spring Thaw

Spring’s warmer weather and longer days are always welcome after a cold winter, but for septic tank owners and operators, this seasonal transition can bring a significant problem: odors. Now that spring thaw has occurred and the heat of summer is setting in, septic tanks can emit unpleasant odors, and your customers need to find a solution. MDG is here to be your partner in creating that solution, providing you with the education, tools, and hands-on support you need to formulate an effective, microbial-based product that combats septic tank odors due to spring thaw. Odors Created During Spring Thaw After spring thaw, septic tank owners and operators may notice new or more intense odors than normal. This is because: Bacteria resume activity When temperatures get colder in the winter, the bacteria that break down waste in the septic tank may become less active or dormant. When the system starts to warm, these native bacteria become active again and resume the process of breaking down waste, which can produce odors. Compacted snow and ice melt Melting snow and ice can soak into the ground around the septic tank and drain field, which might impede the system’s ability to properly drain and […]


In-Field and In-House Expertise in Wastewater Treatment

When your wastewater customers are facing challenges, you want a partner with proven success and extensive expertise in wastewater treatment. At Microbial Discovery Group, we can be that partner. MDG stands as a leading expert in bioaugmentation, holding in-field and in-house expertise in tackling the challenges of wastewater systems. With a strong foundation in microbial science and a track record of proven success, our microbiologists, technical support staff, and account managers provide innovative, sustainable solutions and programs that enhance wastewater treatment processes and offer long-term benefits. MDG’s In-Field Bioaugmentation Expertise We understand the issues that wastewater treatment facilities face because our technical support team is constantly in the field, identifying unique solutions for each customer. We take a hands-on approach with our training and educational programs, and we prioritize your ability to work with real people to help you solve problems. This allows us to adapt to changing conditions in the field and set you on the path to success. MDG’s In-House Bioaugmentation Expertise Our in-field success is also driven by extensive research and development taking place at our four in-house labs. At MDG, we are dedicated to delivering effective, innovative, and sustainable microbial solutions to mitigate your wastewater customers’ […]



Since the completion of our Oak Creek facility in the fall of 2022, we have steadily grown our capacities and capabilities as a trusted provider of Bacillus-based solutions. We are excited to announce that our growth has given us the opportunity to expand our footprint once more in the city of Franklin, WI.  “With the rapid evolution of biotech solutions to solve modern day problems, there is a growing need for fermentation and drying capabilities of larger capacities,” says Mike King, Chief Executive Officer of MDG.  Our new 117,000-square-foot facility will provide us with the necessary space to further our fermentation, freeze drying, and spray drying capabilities. This will occur in four phases, and once completed, we will have a total annual fermentation capacity of 22 million liters across multiple facilities. Our new space will allow us to serve customers even more effectively as we work toward our mission to Feed, Clean, Save the World.  “With this expansion, we are continuing to answer the call for sustainable solutions to the world’s largest problems,” says Sona Son, MDG’s Chief Operating Officer. “Adding this new facility’s fermentation and drying capacity will increase our capability to grow and manufacture environmentally-safer microbial products.”   We’re […]

Custom Fermentation

Microbial Fermentation: MDG’s Trusted Custom Fermentation Process

At MDG, we take pride in the Bacillus we manufacture and grow for our customers. We use only pure Bacillus cultures to produce single-strain tanks and can blend and package in-house, creating a seamless process that saves our partners time and money. But what really sets MDG apart is our trusted custom fermentation process. Everyone we work with has different needs, but the steps we go through to create a solution stay the same. Let’s see why MDG’s microbial custom fermentation process stands above the rest. MDG’s Custom Bacillus Fermentation Capabilities Isolation Isolating and testing a strain for purity is important to ensure what the customer sent is what we have in our laboratory before it is added to the optimization workflow. The process involves streaking customer strains to assess their purity, then growing them to confirm with the customer that the strain matches their original submission. This way, we know that the final product is exactly what the customer intended. Optimization Optimization in the fermentation process is crucial for maximizing efficiency, increasing product yield, and ensuring consistent quality. Fine-tuning parameters such as nutrient levels, temperature, and pH enhances the performance of Bacillus strains, leading to more cost-effective production and […]

Industrial and Institutional

Upcoming Webinar: Creating Quality Microbial Products

Producing high-quality microbial products for industrial, institutional, and consumer applications is essential for our partners. In our upcoming webinar, we will explore the critical aspects of microbial product development and how we ensure quality products for your customers. Jenny Cray, Technical Support Lead at MDG, will share her extensive knowledge and experience in microbiology and offer insights into the processes involved in creating effective, high-quality microbial products. She will discuss tips for ensuring quality throughout the entire lifecycle of microbial product development and will detail why these solutions matter to customers facing challenges in the industrial and institutional cleaning market. Join us on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, at 1:00 PM CST as Jenny presents “Creating Quality Microbial Products”. Register today and take the opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in microbial innovation.


Proven Success Treating Sludge with Biotifx®

If your customers are working in the biological wastewater treatment industry, chances are they’re dealing with the challenges of organic sludge. Sludge, the waste components left over after the wastewater has been treated, is a constant expense for facilities, and many don’t realize it can be reduced. In many cases, we see inefficient sludge handling, leading to high dewatering and disposal costs along with hydrogen sulfide gas production and odors, among other issues. Luckily, at Microbial Discovery Group, we’ve developed a treatment program called Biotifx to help solve these issues. Using biological products enhanced with micronutrients and specific guidelines on usage, we can help you create an effective product that can optimize sludge handling and reduce costs for your customers, leading to their success. Sludge: The Problem Sludge can become a problem for your customers within multiple applications, including sludge tanks and lagoons. Sludge tanks can leave your customers with high disposal costs due to inefficiencies in digestion, decanting, and dewatering, as well as the weight-based pricing of sludge removal. Additionally, sludge tanks face limitations in capacity, restricting the volume they can handle. Lagoons, while requiring less daily upkeep than sludge tanks, encounter similar problems from the slow digestion of […]

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