Defining and delivering innovative biological solutions is our business. When we begin a new partnership, we work closely with you to learn more about your specific and unique needs.

Building Partnerships for Microbial Innovation 

At Microbial Discovery Group, we’re a true partner, working closely with you to discover your unique business needs. Our experts provide assistance in novel strain isolation, new product innovation, culture scale-up, large-scale manufacturing, and both technical and sales support.

What we do

The innovative realm of Bacillus-based biological solutions lies at the forefront of our expertise. Within this, we foster strong relationships and provide our partners with customized support to help them reach their goals.

Our programs, systems, world-class R&D, and production facilities allow our partners to get to market faster.


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What Sets us apart

Our programs and systems were created to bring added value, getting you to market faster. We stand out where results are measured. We aim to build confidence and provide an overall better understanding of the entire biological process.

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