Our Vision

Feed, Clean, Save the World

We believe that everyone can make a difference, but only through action.

At Microbial Discovery Group (MDG), we create value for our partners while working to Feed, Clean, Save the World. MDG recognizes the need for sustainable solutions to the world’s largest problems:

  • Lack of accessible food
  • Limited access to clean water
  • Poor sanitation and disease

These issues compel us every day to work towards our vision to Feed, Clean, Save the World. Our programs, products, and biological solutions have the ability to play an integral role in providing millions of nutritious meals, creating clean water, and saving thousands of lives on a global basis. Locally, we like to extend ourselves through volunteer opportunities that are aligned with our vision and values to affect positive change. With the support and inspiration of our partners, WE ARE TAKING ACTION.

Putting our community and the world first.

We are investing our time and resources to take on some of the world’s challenges, including improving health, strengthening the environment, and combating the depleting food supply.

  • Locally, we’ve partnered with Kinship Community Food Center, The Gathering, and Hunger Task Force to help provide nutritious meals to the hungry.
  • We’ve removed over 85 lbs of trash from Lake Michigan beaches.
  • Our Bacillus was crucial in helping farmers when 50–60% of Chinese swine population perished.
  • We continue to reduce mortality of pre-ween piglets by an estimated 30–50%.