Waste Water

Wastewater Approach

Wastewater bioaugmentation involves more than just a product; it requires understanding the science and applying a comprehensive approach to solving your most pressing challenges.

Wastewater distributors will benefit from MDG’s exclusive bioaugmentation treatment programs & training. Beyond classroom training, our technical service team will work with you on-site to setup a successful treatment plan, getting your team selling quickly. You’ll also have sales tools, case studies and other resources at your disposal. This integrated approach is incorporated throughout each of our programs to help you open new doors quickly and cement long-standing relationships with a next generation solution.


SERVICE: Consult, Analyze, Treat, Evaluate, Report

C.A.T.E.R.® is our hands-on field service backed by laboratory support was designed to assist the wastewater industry’s service providers and operators in making informed operational decisions.

Our team of experts have put together a toolbox of resources designed for success, complete with templates for treatment proposals, dosage calculators, and more. Let’s work together to improve processes and people efficiency while reducing variation and operational cost.

C2 Training®

TRAINING: Instilling Confidence and Competence in Our Products and Process

The secret to success starts with really knowing what you’re doing. The MDG C2 Wastewater Training Program is a proprietary training program that will equip distribution partners with the Confidence and Competence to be effective and efficient.

We’ve laid out all the information you need to be successful in this one-day training session followed by in-field training. We will equip you and your team with the tools and knowledge necessary to communicate the features, benefits, and inner workings of the biology within a wastewater system and how to solve the associated challenges with end users.

BlackBox® Knowledge

PROGRAM: Tools and Continued Knowledge

The BlackBox® Knowledge Platform draws on the expertise of chemists, engineers, microbiologists, operations managers and the use of proven scientific processes to better understand how to optimize system operation.

From bi-monthly newsletters, relevant case studies, a private access portal, and other key tools to keep you sharp and engaged – the team at MDG provides you with continued education to ensure future success.

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