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Wastewater Programs

MDG’s treatment programs combine bioaugmentation products with an assigned technical service team. We help you find and solve high-cost challenges within the wastewater industry. As a distribution partner you’re able to expand your product offering while building customer relationships.

Our team of technical experts educate on how to complete a thorough system survey to identify challenges that exist.

 We provide training and support for our customers on why, wherewhen and how to apply product.

We ensure that SUCCESS is measured and documented.

Lift Station | Collection Systems

Costly chemical treatment for hydrogen sulfide control, equipment corrosion and failure, safety risks, odor complaints and the need for physical removal of built up solids are some of the main challenges faced by lift station operators.

MDG’s Lift Station Treatment Program is designed to support lift stations through these and other bothersome and costly challenges caused by fat, oil and grease (FOG), sludge, odor and hydrogen sulfide (H2S ).


Accumulation of FOG and sludge, along with H2S and odors present common challenges when working with lagoons. Additionally, dredging lagoons and dewatering sludge often represent a significant overhead cost that facilities must manage.

MDG’s Lagoon Treatment Program aims to significantly reduce these challenges and other common pains.

Sludge Tank

Sludge is a costly by-product of all wastewater treatment facilities. These costs include sludge hauling and disposal, polymer usage, and even fines associated with the presence of bothersome odors and H2S  levels.

For facilities equipped with sludge tanks or ponds, we provide a solution to alleviate the challenges associated with FOG accumulation, sludge, and odor operation and improve all downstream challenges.

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