In the world of wastewater treatment, seasonal challenges can disrupt operations and affect the efficiency of treatment plants. As the industry begins to face the difficulties of this year’s spring, MDG emerges as a trusted partner with a track record of proven success to resolve some of the biggest challenges that arise with the changing of the seasons. 

Wastewater Seasonality 

Wastewater treatment plants face challenges during seasonal transitions, particularly within lagoons as they experience two turnovers in spring and fall. During spring turnovers in particular, effective solutions are important, since sludge has accumulated during the winter months and needs to be disposed of as the weather gets warmer. 

As the Bacillus solution that helps distributors scale and streamline without sacrificing product effectiveness, we recognize the significance of seasonality in the wastewater industry. Our approach frames the challenges of seasonality as opportunities for distributors to make a difference in their customers’ wastewater treatment. By addressing issues head-on, our distribution partners can position themselves as allies to treatment plants seeking reliable, trusted solutions.  

Proven Success: The MDG Advantage 

At MDG, our commitment to excellence is backed by a proven success story. Our innovative Biotifx® products and programs have consistently delivered measurable results in wastewater treatment. Distributors partnering with us gain access to a product line designed to resolve wastewater challenges, as well as programs and knowledge to implement those products. Click here to see an example of our proven success with Biotifx® Liquid Max in a municipal sewer system.  

In the dynamic world of wastewater treatment, the changing of seasons presents both challenges and opportunities. This spring, we invite distributors to partner with us and leverage our proven success, innovative products, and trusted processes to navigate the complexities of the season. Beyond supplying rigorously tested products, lean on us to educate your team and continuously innovate so you can see consistent growth. Contact us to learn more about becoming a distributor.  

MDG is the Bacillus solution that helps you scale and streamline without sacrificing product effectiveness.