Controlling the buildup of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in grease traps can pose a significant challenge to your customers working in industrial and commercial kitchens. Many businesses know how important it is to address the issue, but they may not know where to turn for solutions. Luckily, MDG has a track record of proven success in supplying effective Bacillus ingredients, so you can formulate your products to meet your customers’ needs and drive profit for your business.

The Source of the Problem

Grease traps essentially function as a filter in restaurant kitchens, catching any FOG in the kitchen’s wastewater before it flows into a drainage system. In a busy restaurant, new FOG is constantly being introduced to the system, and if the grease traps are not properly maintained, buildup can become a problem. This can lead to drainage issues and, if other food material becomes trapped in the built-up FOG, can even cause odor problems. If the problem persists, restaurant owners may be obligated to perform a costly mechanical pump-out.

The Secret Sauce

Your customers need an effective way to combat FOG buildup in their industrial grease traps, and you need trusted ingredients to prepare products that suit their needs. Partnering with MDG can be the ultimate solution. Formulated with real science and a trusted process, our Bacillus ingredients consume FOG that causes backups and odor issues, reducing the problem. Bacillus produces two metabolites to help with this process: biosurfactants and enzymes.

  • Biosurfactants: The biosurfactants that Bacillus strains produce help lower the surface tension between water and fats/oils. This reduced surface tension allows water and FOG to mix more easily, giving our Bacillus the ability to more readily access the FOG causing the grease trap buildup.
  • Enzymes: Bacillus bacteria generate enzymes that help break down complex substances like FOG into simpler forms. This transformed waste can become more easily consumable by Bacillus and other native bacteria in the environment, effectively reducing FOG and helping to maintain clearer grease traps and pipes.

Proven Success with SporActiv® Bacillus

For distributors and manufacturers seeking to elevate their offerings to their customers and help with FOG buildup in grease traps, incorporating SporActiv® Bacillus into your product lineup can make all the difference. By adding the proven effects of SporActiv®, you can provide customers with a reliable and innovative solution for grease trap maintenance. Formulating your products with SporActiv® Bacillus also positions distributors as leaders in delivering environmentally friendlier cleaning solutions.

Why Partner with MDG?

MDG offers effective ingredients with proven success, so you can trust the quality of the microbials added to your cleaning products. All of our products go through a meticulous formulation process to test for the highest quality and shelf-life stability. Because of this, you can be confident that our SporActiv® ingredients offer a natural and powerful solution to your customers’ FOG challenges.

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