At MDG, we are Bacillus experts with over 20 years of experience growing pure cultures for our customers. We are continually honing our methods to find the most effective, efficient way to create quality microbial ingredients, and one contributing factor is purity testing. From performing testing through strain typing methods to producing and selling only single-strain tanks, let’s explore the process of purity testing to find out why creating effective microbial products happens one strain at a time.

What is strain purity testing, and how is it done?

Strain purity testing is the process of checking a growing Bacillus culture to ensure it is a match for the target strain. Testing can also confirm that there are no non-target organisms present in the culture.

Purity testing can be done in a multitude of ways. We have a variety of genomic methods at our disposal that allow for thorough, efficient testing of each Bacillus culture. Testing is conducted at several steps of the process, including:

  • Seed bank
  • Inoculation flask
  • Fermentation tank
  • Dried culture (finished product)

Monitoring the purity of the culture at multiple points allows us to catch and correct any potential errors as soon as possible and keep the process efficient.

Why is purity testing important?

There are many reasons why purity testing is important. Checking for non-target organisms and striving to produce the highest yield possible are just a couple. However, all the reasons center around one key element: consistency.

Consistency—in processes, end products, and measures of success—helps assure our customers that the DNA fingerprint of a strain we’ve grown matches that of their target strain. When you partner with us to grow and scale up your Bacillus strains, you can be confident in our entire process—purity testing included—as we use our expertise to help meet your unique goals and scale your business.

MDG’s Expertise in Custom Fermentation

Purity testing is one of many components of the successful custom fermentation process we follow at MDG. We are dedicated to producing high-quality single-strain tanks with the option to blend and package in-house, saving time and money for our customers and instilling confidence in our microbial solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom fermentation capabilities, read more here or contact us today!

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