Unlocking the mysteries of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) mitigation and management within wastewater is crucial for maintaining a sustainable and efficient system. In our upcoming webinar, we delve into the reasons why FOG poses a significant challenge, exploring its impact on sewers, pipes, and interceptors, lagoons, and activated sludge systems.  

Josiah Menako, MDG’s Technical Support Lead, will uncover the disruptive effects FOG has on wastewater systems, from collection systems to treatment plants, presenting a comprehensive view of the added complexities. Menako will discuss the value of improving and controlling FOG, shedding light on opportunities for decision-makers and providing real-world cases for reference.  

The webinar will not only address the problems but also present viable solutions, covering point source mitigation, mechanical removal, chemical additions (including enzymes, degreasers, and caustic substances), and the fascinating realm of biological digestion involving genetics, enzymes, and bacteria.  

Don’t miss out on this enlightening session, complete with insightful case studies that showcase successful strategies for combating FOG in wastewater systems. 

Unlocking Solutions: Managing FOG in Wastewater with Bioaugmentation is taking place on March 14, 1 PM CST. Click here to register