As a Bacillus manufacturer, we work to grow our partners’ pure single-strain Bacillus cultures and scale the process so that they receive exactly what they need. Our success in the commercialization of microbial solutions comes from our trusted process and our commitment to quality and partnership, so that the transition from concept to commercial is not just a possibility, but a proven outcome.

The Growth of Bacillus

At the heart of our success is a deep understanding of microbials and their potential in multiple applications. The initial step in our process is optimizing the Bacillus culture for maximum growth. We measure a strain’s growth in a variety of media, ultimately landing on the one best suited for highest yield and setting the stage for success throughout the rest of the commercialization process.

A Partnership for Progress

At MDG, we put our partners first. When we grow your Bacillus culture, we work closely with you to refine and improve processes to ensure you’re receiving the strain and yield you’re aiming for.

To make your journey to market successful, an active and involved partnership is key. We’ve seen this collaborative effort lead to efficiency and proven marketplace success for our customers.

Custom Fermentation with MDG

Bringing microbial solutions to your customers can be an involved and complex process, but with our proven results in scaling up strains for commercial use, that process may become less daunting.

Our focus on optimal growth conditions and collaboration has resulted in many great partnerships with our clients. If you’re looking for a Bacillus manufacturer with the capacity to help your business grow, reach out today about partnering with us and explore opportunities to commercialize with expertise and efficiency.

MDG is the Bacillus solution that helps you scale and streamline without sacrificing product effectiveness.