Unlock the secret to a fresh and clean bathroom experience for your customers with MDG’s SporActiv® Bacillus 

What is Uric Acid? 

Uric acid, one component found in urine, forms a solid crystalline salt residue that can build up on bathroom surfaces over time. This buildup can be difficult to remove and trap unwanted odors. With the help of SporActiv® Bacillus products, you can help stop the problem. Backed by our Real Science, Trusted Process, and Proven Success, SporActiv® Bacillus is effective in breaking down uric acid, paving the way for a cleaner, more hygienic space.

SporActiv® Bacillus Research 

At MDG, Real Science matters; it is our foundation. Discover the science behind SporActiv® Bacillus and its ability to persist on surfaces, continuously metabolizing uric acid long after application. Our findings, highlighted in our research document below, showcase the superior performance of SporActiv®.

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