At MDG, we take pride in the Bacillus we manufacture and grow for our customers. We use only pure Bacillus cultures to produce single-strain tanks and can blend and package in-house, creating a seamless process that saves our partners time and money.

But what really sets MDG apart is our trusted custom fermentation process. Everyone we work with has different needs, but the steps we go through to create a solution stay the same. Let’s see why MDG’s microbial custom fermentation process stands above the rest.

MDG’s Custom Bacillus Fermentation Capabilities

  • Isolation

Isolating and testing a strain for purity is important to ensure what the customer sent is what we have in our laboratory before it is added to the optimization workflow. The process involves streaking customer strains to assess their purity, then growing them to confirm with the customer that the strain matches their original submission. This way, we know that the final product is exactly what the customer intended.

  • Optimization

Optimization in the fermentation process is crucial for maximizing efficiency, increasing product yield, and ensuring consistent quality. Fine-tuning parameters such as nutrient levels, temperature, and pH enhances the performance of Bacillus strains, leading to more cost-effective production and improved overall outcomes.

We select the top-performing media identified during our optimization process and work to move them up in vessel size.

  • Fermentation

MDG’s advanced fermentation capabilities allow us to create a single-strain tank and minimize the occurrence of non-target organisms. Our continuous improvement efforts focus on reducing the potential introduction of these organisms, helping us deliver a precise product at the end of the fermentation process.

  • Commercialization

We specialize in scaling up strains for commercial success, focusing on finding the optimal media for growth and ensuring quality control throughout the process. Partnering with our customers, we help to improve processes and increase yields. Our commitment to maintaining the target strain shows customers our dedication to quality from start to finish.

For more information on our custom fermentation capabilities, contact us today!