If your customers are working in the biological wastewater treatment industry, chances are they’re dealing with the challenges of organic sludge. Sludge, the waste components left over after the wastewater has been treated, is a constant expense for facilities, and many don’t realize it can be reduced. In many cases, we see inefficient sludge handling, leading to high dewatering and disposal costs along with hydrogen sulfide gas production and odors, among other issues.

Luckily, at Microbial Discovery Group, we’ve developed a treatment program called Biotifx to help solve these issues. Using biological products enhanced with micronutrients and specific guidelines on usage, we can help you create an effective product that can optimize sludge handling and reduce costs for your customers, leading to their success.

Sludge: The Problem

Sludge can become a problem for your customers within multiple applications, including sludge tanks and lagoons. Sludge tanks can leave your customers with high disposal costs due to inefficiencies in digestion, decanting, and dewatering, as well as the weight-based pricing of sludge removal. Additionally, sludge tanks face limitations in capacity, restricting the volume they can handle.

Lagoons, while requiring less daily upkeep than sludge tanks, encounter similar problems from the slow digestion of sludge, such as accumulation, reduced system capacity, and expensive dredging. This causes the lagoon system to suffer from hydraulic short-circuiting, leading to inefficiencies and reducing overall treatment effectiveness.

In either application, sludge can also emit unpleasant odors, mainly from hydrogen sulfide gas, posing health and safety risks.

Biotifx®: The Solution

Our Biotifx® products and programs are an innovative solution tailored to address the complex issues presented by sludge. Designed with a unique blend of Bacillus strains, micronutrients, and biostimulants, Biotifx® enhances the biological digestion of sludge.

In sludge tanks, this means reduced sludge volume and weight, leading to lower disposal costs and mitigated odor issues. Biotifx® also improves settling, dewatering, and pressing processes, enabling facilities to manage their sludge more efficiently and effectively.

For lagoon systems, Biotifx® accelerates the natural breakdown of organic materials and off-gases them as carbon dioxide, reducing sludge buildup and preventing hydraulic short-circuiting. The result is a cleaner, more efficient, and less odorous lagoon system.

The management of sludge is a critical component of effective wastewater treatment. By understanding the challenges sludge presents and using products like Biotifx®, you can provide your customers with solutions to keep sludge costs and odors under control.

MDG is the Bacillus solution that helps you scale and streamline without sacrificing product effectiveness.