When your wastewater customers are facing challenges, you want a partner with proven success and extensive expertise in wastewater treatment. At Microbial Discovery Group, we can be that partner.

MDG stands as a leading expert in bioaugmentation, holding in-field and in-house expertise in tackling the challenges of wastewater systems. With a strong foundation in microbial science and a track record of proven success, our microbiologists, technical support staff, and account managers provide innovative, sustainable solutions and programs that enhance wastewater treatment processes and offer long-term benefits.

MDG’s In-Field Bioaugmentation Expertise

We understand the issues that wastewater treatment facilities face because our technical support team is constantly in the field, identifying unique solutions for each customer. We take a hands-on approach with our training and educational programs, and we prioritize your ability to work with real people to help you solve problems. This allows us to adapt to changing conditions in the field and set you on the path to success.

MDG’s In-House Bioaugmentation Expertise

Our in-field success is also driven by extensive research and development taking place at our four in-house labs. At MDG, we are dedicated to delivering effective, innovative, and sustainable microbial solutions to mitigate your wastewater customers’ challenges. Our approach involves customizing treatments to meet the unique demands of each wastewater system, backed by scientific research and comprehensive support for our partners. Take a look at an example of just how effective our Bacillus can:

Figure 1. Bacterial growth as indicated by an increase in optical density was measured continuously for 48 hours in an untreated control wastewater sample and the same sample treated with Biotifx®. The sample treated with Biotifx® attains a higher level of bacterial activity overall compared to the untreated sample. This increased activity translated to more efficient digestion of sludge and improved water quality for the customer.


Combining our Strengths

The collaboration between our field applications and laboratory innovations shows the full potential of bioaugmentation, providing a path forward for municipalities and industries worldwide and setting a new standard for sustainable treatment practices into the future.

If you’re ready to take the next step and explore microbial solutions for your customers’ wastewater challenges, connect with us today and see how you can become a partner.

MDG is the Bacillus solution that helps you scale and streamline without sacrificing product effectiveness.