Spring’s warmer weather and longer days are always welcome after a cold winter, but for septic tank owners and operators, this seasonal transition can bring a significant problem: odors. Now that spring thaw has occurred and the heat of summer is setting in, septic tanks can emit unpleasant odors, and your customers need to find a solution. MDG is here to be your partner in creating that solution, providing you with the education, tools, and hands-on support you need to formulate an effective, microbial-based product that combats septic tank odors due to spring thaw.

Odors Created During Spring Thaw

After spring thaw, septic tank owners and operators may notice new or more intense odors than normal. This is because:

  • Bacteria resume activity

When temperatures get colder in the winter, the bacteria that break down waste in the septic tank may become less active or dormant. When the system starts to warm, these native bacteria become active again and resume the process of breaking down waste, which can produce odors.

  • Compacted snow and ice melt

Melting snow and ice can soak into the ground around the septic tank and drain field, which might impede the system’s ability to properly drain and filter. This can cause odors to arise as the liquid will have a harder time being absorbed into the already-saturated ground.

Bioaugmentation to the Rescue

Using pumps to regularly empty out septic tanks is a good plan, but there is a possibility that these pumps aren’t reaching the root of the issue. A great option for your customers to mitigate these odor-causing substances is to add bioaugmentation to their septic tanks’ maintenance plan.

MDG’s bioaugmentation solution, formulated with Bacillus bacteria, offers several benefits, including breaking down organic waste, reducing sludge buildup, and controlling odors produced by other bacteria native to the septic system. Adding our microbial ingredients to your products can help ensure success for your customers in alleviating the pains of septic tank odors.

The Importance of Quality Bacillus Strains

At MDG, we specialize in growing and manufacturing effective, environmentally-safer microbial ingredients. Investing in a high-quality Bacillus-based ingredient for your product allows you to create a solution that addresses the main problems associated with septic systems.

Understanding the impact of spring thaw and the effectiveness of bioaugmentation with quality Bacillus strains can make all the difference for your customers. If you’re looking to craft products to help minimize future problems and reduce septic tank odors, contact us today for more information.

MDG is the Bacillus solution that helps you scale and streamline without sacrificing product effectiveness.