We are working to harness the scientific capabilities of Bacillus and the innovative intelligence of our employees to yield results that leave this world a better place.

Research and Development

At Microbial Discovery Group, we are always looking to find innovative solutions to protect and preserve our environment. Over the past several years, our Research and Development team has investigated the use of Bacillus to remediate plastic pollution in both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Some of our initiatives include the treatment of landfills, microplastics, and compostable plastics. We hope to use this research to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions to improve current waste management technologies.

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Bacillus Benefits

Odor Reduction

Caring for the communities surrounding waste is a primary concern for any landfill owner. Bacillus works to fight the formation of key odor-causing compounds, making it an ideal short and long term maintenance solution for many industries.

Accelerated Waste Stabilization

Through the digestion of organic matter, Bacillus products can increase space by 5-30%. More space in your landfill means more years added to the landfill lifespan and more money saved.

Leachate Treatment

Leachate is filled with toxins and suspended solids. Using Bacillus to treat leachate on-site or for recirculation can save you money while simultaneously cleaning the environment.

Plastic Degredation

In response to plastic pollution, our team of researchers have discovered a blend of novel Bacillus strains that work to aid in the biodegradation of plastics.

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