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Under The Microscope – Sierra Garcia

At MDG, we succeed by creating an environment to attract, develop, and retain the best and the brightest people who embrace our values. Learn all about Sierra Garcia, our Engagement Coordinator.


What is your role at Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) and when did you join the team?

I am the Engagement Coordinator at MDG, and I joined back in April 2022 as Receptionist but quickly found a passion for our engagement and onboarding needs at MDG.


What initially drew you to MDG?

I was a referral of one of our Bio-Manufacturing Operators and he would always share stories about the CEO, Mike King, the culture, and the work. After interviewing and finding out the mission, I knew this was where I wanted to spend my career. Helping to Feed, Clean, Save the World!


What about the work you do at MDG that drives and fulfills you?

I can say the biggest thing that drives me is the people I work with. In hectic times, my MDG team can brighten my day. When I’ve done something good, my MDG team notices and cheers me on. When I see one of my co-workers having a bad day, I encourage them and they appreciate me for it in return. The culture at MDG is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else, and for that, I am truly grateful. Some of us don’t have a family, and some do but lack that family support. However, I can confidently say that, regardless of individual circumstances, when I am at work, I feel like I have gained one incredible family.



What is your favorite thing about being a part of the MDG Team?

My favorite thing about being a part of the MDG team is having the opportunity to help Feed, Clean, Save the World. Being a part of a team that makes a huge impact with so much passion behind it is truly rewarding.


What is something at work that you’re passionate about?

One of the things I am most passionate about at work is having the opportunity to build a relationship with each new hire by onboarding them and being one of the first ones to welcome them. I get the opportunity to model our culture, beliefs, and vision. It is a very rewarding feeling when I can sense how comfortable they feel around me and witness their excitement to see a new, familiar face they now know.  


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am a mother of three so anytime I am free I love to do things with them. We enjoy playing board games, watching movies, going to parks, lakes, or doing something outdoors. We also love to cook and the past summer I have recently found a passion for gardening which makes cooking more fun because I can grow my own food.


MDG’s vision is to “Feed, Clean, Save.” What does that mean to you?

To me this means supporting my co-workers at MDG with their work, especially those out in the field physically FCS’ing the world, signing up for our volunteer events that I am able to attend, participating in our donation drives, and it also follows me home. I have always been fond of sustainability and eco-friendly ways of living and grateful to constantly learn new things from our Environment, Health, and Safety Manager, Chris Haase that I love to share with my friends and family.



Since working at MDG, which Feed, Clean, Save community involvement event was the most impactful to you?

This is a hard one but I will say when I volunteered at the Kinship Community Food Center and helped those in need. We picked out the food they wanted, bagged it, and brought it to their car. It not only impacted them but also made an impact on me! I could really tell that the people I helped were very grateful for the assistance. One lady cherished my company while picking out her items and taking them to her car. She shared so much about her life within the 20 minutes I followed her around carrying her items and she made me smile so much. The feeling I get when driving home after participating in our volunteering events is one of the greatest and most powerful feelings ever.


What is a professional goal you’re working on?

This new year, I am focusing on my skills and continued training for my position. I love what I do, and I really want to find ways to increase my skill set, do research on engagement, take courses to discover new ideas and ways I can take our engagement and onboarding to the next level. 


In your opinion, why should others want to work at MDG?

In my opinion, others should want to work at MDG for our collaborative culture and the impact we make through our FCS vision. At MDG, it’s more than just having a job; it’s about being in a place that challenges you and facilitates your growth, both in your career and as an individual.

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