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Trusted Process: MDG’s Gold Standard

MDG’s customer-centric approach to quality manufacturing and support ensures consistent, repeatable results for our customers. This is done through our trusted process; our gold standard at MDG.

Can you be confident in our manufacturing process yielding consistent results?

The answer is YES! This is our commitment to our customers.

To produce consistent, quality cultures and finished products MDG uses a quality management system with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as the foundation for all our manufacturing. In addition, our food and feed cultures and blending are FSMA complaint and 3rd party HACCP certified.

To provide the purest of strains and to mitigate risk we ensure meticulous DNA testing, safety protocols, third-party validation, and in-field trials. We put a very high emphasis on making sure that the cultures we produce are pure and that they’re not only free of unwanted pathogens but of the utmost quality.

Additionally, we perform in-house testing throughout the entire production process, including genetic screening for the strains we produce and ensuring that every tank we produce only contains the one strain we’re looking for. We also gauge the success of those tank runs by analyzing the end processing and optimizing again.

A company can quickly take a pure strain and throw it in its fermentor, but ensuring proper yields to meet your economics takes time. At MDG, we allocate the proper time to provide economical yields and work out the oddities of your strain. When our customers are ready to scale up and commercialize, we do so rapidly and economically.

We offer pilot-scale products for customer trials while helping you achieve manufacturing scale. Our in-house downstream processes complement our custom fermentation capabilities, saving customers time and money by providing various blending and packaging capabilities.

Through our trusted process, our expertise in custom fermentation affords you the confidence to expect high-quality, consistent Bacillus strain manufacturing delivered with efficiency and integrity.

MDG is here to support you and your business. Contact us to grow your strain(s) with a leader in Bacillus manufacturing.

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