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Our Biotifx® Program supplies distributors with the latest high-end products, tools AND a supportive team to get started quickly. Open new doors with a microbial solution to universal challenges surrounding fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.), H2S, odor and sludge.

Application-Specific Programs

Our technical experts ensure our distribution partners know how to treat successfully from beginning to end. We’re hands-on when it comes to training; even arriving on-site if needed, bringing years of experience treating issues within Lift Stations/Collection Systems, Lagoons and Sludge Tanks.

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Biological Treatment Products

The Biotifx® product line is the best of the best, comprised of premium specialty blends of Bacillus bacteria. Each has been scientifically selected to maximize results when treating some of the most common wastewater challenges.


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“MDG’s products work where others have fallen short, and the relationship that MDG establishes with their distributors through their Biotifx® program is truly amazing!  Their support team is second to none, providing us with the products and tools necessary to meet all our customers’ needs.  This winning combination has allowed us to grow our business exponentially and has made our Biotifx® program our primary focus.”
– Midwestern Distribution Partner



We are the industry leaders in biotechnology applications. Our BlackBox® Knowledge platform draws on this expertise.

As with any new technology, there are learning curves in understanding the biology within a wastewater system. Understanding these challenges, we decided to not only focus on making a superior product, but to couple it with a complete hands-on program approach. This unique, individualized approach is exclusive for our distribution partners and is one of the first of its kind in this market.

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Stay competitive and drive profitable results. Our team has created comprehensive programs to solve common facility challenges head on.

Our Biotifx® programs are application-specific and target Lift Stations/Collection Systems, Sludge Tanks and Lagoons.

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Lagoons 101: Identification and Long-Term Treatment Approach

Lagoons and ponds have been used for treating wastewater for over 3,000 years. Today there are over 8,000 wastewater treatment lagoons in operation within the United States. One appeal to using lagoons is that they generally require less energy than other treatment systems and have lower operation and maintenance costs. That being said, proper performance…

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Lift Stations 101: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Lift stations are commonly used as a part of operations across a variety of different industries. While they are extremely useful, they can be difficult to maintain when not cared for properly. At Microbial Discovery Group (MDG), we have spent countless hours in the field with our partners, reviewing their customer's maintenance challenges, and looking…

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Sludge Tanks 101: Treating the Waste

Through the wastewater treatment process, there are components left over that are separated from the liquid phase. This collection of leftovers is referred to as sludge, which is then further treated within tanks. At Microbial Discovery Group (MDG), we have explored the process of treating sludge within sludge tanks and have designed our Biotifx® products…

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