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Developing Our Foundation

Microbial Discovery Group: Promises, Values, Purpose

Since the founding of Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) in 2007, we have been developing our team, facilities, capabilities, and culture. Throughout these years of growth and development our business has stayed centered around our promises, values, and purpose. In order to further strengthen our foundation and our partners understanding of who we are, we have taken the past year to better define what our promises, values, and purpose truly mean to both MDG and our partners.

We put words to our three promises in order to define the commitment behind Real Science, Trusted Process, and Proven Success; we highlighted our cultural values so that our employees and our customers can better understand how we do business; and we have put Feed, Clean, Save into action both locally and globally with the support of our partners.

We believe that the development of our culture and brand will position us to better serve our partners in ways that earn their trust and develop lasting relationships.

MDG invites you to watch our new company video as it shares the growth in our foundation. By the end of the video we hope that you have a concrete understanding of our company, and we encourage you to hold us accountable to our promises, value, and purpose as we do every day in the office, in the lab, and in the field.

Watch Video Here

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We are pleased to announce the hiring of Beth (Elizabeth) Galbraith as Senior Research Manager. In this role, Beth will focus on the overall strategic growth of MDG through product development and research.

Before joining MDG, Beth worked at Agtech-Dupont where she gained over 12 years of experience working in the development of microbial products for dairy, poultry, swine and plant health markets.

“We are excited and fortunate to have Beth Galbraith at MDG. She will help develop first class microbial products for various markets and will be utilizing her talents for the growth of MDG.” stated Sona Son, R&D Manager.

Beth’s addition brings the MDG team to a total of 33 employees. We are fortunate to have Beth’s experience and vision as we continue to grow.



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Hunger Task Force (HTF) Transplanting: MDG’s third event with HTF included transplanting and weeding. MDG employees headed out to the farm and spent their afternoon helping weed tomatoes and pull garlic mustard. Daily maintenance of the produce allows the farm to grow healthy and local produce. HTF provides produce to a network of local emergency food pantries, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. With their dedicated staff and help from volunteers, Hunger Task Force has harvested over 3.1 million pounds of fresh produce over the past five years. We are pleased to be in partnership with Hunger Task Force as we share in the vision to Feed, Clean, and Save The World.

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