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Bacillus Manufacturing and R&D Company Exhibits at Aquatech Amsterdam

Microbial Discovery Group Exhibits and Presents Bioaugmentation Success in Wastewater

Oak Creek, WI (October 3, 2023) – Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) will exhibit at Aquatech Amsterdam 2023, the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking, and wastewater, November 6-8, 10:00-18:00 hrs and Nov. 9, 10:00-16:00 hrs. The conference and exhibition are taking place at RAI Amsterdam, and MDG’s booth is in the Wastewater and Resources World, booth number 07.734 (Hall 7).

In addition to participating in the exhibition, Josiah Menako, MDG’s wastewater Microbiologist and Technical Support Lead, is presenting Benefits of Bioaugmentation on Tuesday, November 7, from 12:30 – 13:15 hrs.

“We’re excited to enter the European market more intentionally as a leader in biotechnology, bringing solutions and benefits to wastewater treatment and the environment.” – Josiah Menako, Technical Support Lead at Microbial Discovery Group

Menako’s presentation goes in depth about real-world successes from Biotifx® trials and the return on investment brought to distributors treating wastewater using bioaugmentation. Biotifx® Bacillus enhances and shifts the native microbial population to efficiently digest organic material in municipal and industrial wastewater. The presentation covers two Biotifx® bioaugmentation whitepapers, meta-analysis data and results from sludge digestion in lagoons and hydrogen sulfide reduction in collection systems. The referenced MDG white papers are published through Wastewater Digest and the Association of Water Technologies’ The Analyst.

About Microbial Discovery Group

Microbial Discovery Group is an R&D-driven product development, scale-up, and large-scale Bacillus fermentation company. With MDG, your ideas are refined and delivered by applying Real Science to a Trusted Process and yielding Proven Success. By leveraging bioaugmentation processes to treat municipal and industrial wastewater, MDG provides solutions to remediate FOG, H2S, sludge, and odors. MDG’s Biotifx® Program supplies distributors with the latest high-end products, tools, and a supportive team to get started quickly using bioaugmentation. Visit www.mdgbio.com to learn more.

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