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50+ Strains: Why We Supply

  Part of what is driving Microbial Discovery Group’s (MDG) current expansion is our desire to produce 50+ strains. Why do we want to be a Bacillus company that produces 50+ strains? Essentially, to offer the best service and products for our customers. Below are the three main reasons why our drive to produce 50+ strains is […]

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What is bioaugmentation?

At MDG, we continue to discover all the possibilities to treat wastewater with Bacillus. Through years of research and development, we’ve found that bioaugmentation is the answer for wastewater treatment. Bioaugmentation is the process of adding scientifically selected organisms to a microbial community to enhance that community. The term bioaugmentation is often used to describe biological […]


Just The One’s You Want To Keep

Keeping customers through effective biological solutions. I remember as a child, a sign at the dentist’s office that said “You don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the one’s you want to keep”. It reminds me of the biological business. In today’s economy, every once in awhile we will temporarily lose a client. Alas, […]


Fascination with Domination

What’s all the fascination with domination? I have heard a lot of folks lately trying to dominate wastewater with our microbes. I would say I have had at least 5 questions about it this month alone. We even had a customer whose customer tried to plate their waste and was very concerned to find that […]



Stabilize Before You Commercialize

One of the hardest things to do in this business is to tell a customer that the great liquid product idea they are so excited about is at least 3-6 months away from commercialization. Nothing deflates them faster and I don’t enjoy sharing the news, but it has to be done. Hate me now, love […]

Industry Reflections

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