Are You Offering a Bacillus RV Septic Treatment?

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With social distancing still the norm, outdoor activities like RV camping are providing much needed freedom from indoor seclusion.

While campfires, cooking outdoors, hiking and going wherever the road takes you are everyone’s favorite – sleeping in an RV with a smelly toilet isn’t!

As a cleaning solutions manufacturer and/or distributor, you may know that there are three main types of RV septic tank treatments on the market:

  • Chemical-based
  • Biological-based
  • Combination chemical and biological based

These all have their time and place for when they’re best used and are discussed in detail below, but treatments that contain Bacillus are superior for long-term effectiveness and are something to consider if you aren’t already offering.

Chemical-Based Treatments

Chemical-based products have been used for years and often include strong compounds that kill odor-causing bacteria. While they reduce odor and are often less expensive upfront, they also unfortunately prevent the natural bacteria found in waste from breaking it down, making pumping and dumping more difficult. Further, some of these chemicals such as formaldehyde, para-dichlorobenzene (both carcinogens), acids and caustics can pollute soil and ground water. Some are even corrosive to the RV toilet equipment.

There are also some chemical-based treatments that contain more mild chemicals like fragrances, odor counteractants, dyes and opacifiers (an ingredient that makes a product more opaque). These usually provide short-term fixes and/or improved visual appearance.

Biological-Based Treatments

Biological-based treatments offer a good alternative to harsh chemicals because they help reduce odors and help breakdown solids, making it easier to empty the RV tank. Bacillus-based treatments like SporActiv® SepticPacs for example increase the native bacterial and enzyme activity found in waste, helping reduce solids. Bacillus consider the odorous compounds produced by the native bacteria in waste as sources of food, thereby indirectly reducing odors.

Combination-Based Treatments

There are also combination products that contain both chemicals and biological ingredients. Some may contain a “pickling” chemistry that slows down the growth of odor-causing bacteria, but also contains beneficial bacteria for lasting odor support. Unfortunately, the list of safe “pickling” chemistries is getting shorter and shorter due to the use of harsh chemicals.

Most combination products are trending towards containing harmless fragrances, odor counteractants and dyes for immediate odor reduction as well as Bacillus biology for extended odor and solids reduction. These products release both the power of immediate odor reduction and visual coverage as well as biology.

If you’re interested in learning more about offering your customers septic treatments that contain Bacillus, whether combination-based or purely biologically-based, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.


Figure 1. Recap of the benefits of using a treatment that contains Bacillus.