Our expertise in custom fermentation affords you the confidence to expect high quality, consistent Bacillus strain manufacturing delivered with efficiency and integrity.

We grow bacillus. It’s what we do. And we’re good at it.

We strongly believe that we only succeed when you succeed. It’s our partnership mindset and the way that we do business that keeps our customers coming back for their custom fermentation needs.

We would love to discuss your problem and how we’d approach a solution together.

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Rapid Scale Up

You have worked hard to find the perfect strain. Your final step to commercialization is to scale your product and you need this done rapidly, accurately and economically. That’s what we do best. We provide pilot scale product for customer trials while helping you achieve manufacturing scale.


With over 25,000 liters of large-scale fermentation capability and the downstream process to match, MDG can provide our clients with speedy turnaround times. Strains out the door in 90 days or less makes your final stage to manufacturing a seamless process.

Quality Programs and Certification

MDG is GMP and FSMA compliant and follow a strict HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified program so our facility operates at the highest level of cleanliness, sanitation and traceability. We follow extensive quality control checkpoints to ensure purity from start to finish.

Blending and Packaging (In-House)

The need to outsource has become a thing of the past for MDG customers. Our fermentation capabilities are seamlessly complimented by our extensive in-house downstream processes. This saves our customers time and money by providing various blending and packaging capabilities.

MDG Employees

We firmly believe one of our biggest assets lies within our MDG team. MDG is proud to employ an experienced staff that truly cares about our customer’s and our vision to FEED, CLEAN, and SAVE THE WORLD.

Real Science, Trusted Process, Proven Success

It’s our foundation and our promise. A strong scientific understanding of Bacillus and our optimized fermentation processes consistently yields measurable success for our customers.

Fermentation &
Manufacturing Capabilities

Cutting edge equipment and optimized processes. MDG can accommodate both the large and small-scale fermentation needs of our customers with speed and consistency.

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