Take the Guesswork out of Microbial Wastewater Treatment Distribution

Your search to distribute the ideal bioaugmentation offering can come with a lot of questions. The word “bioaugmentation” itself might even sound intimidating. Partnering with a microbial manufacturer like Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) who understands where you’re coming from and produces cutting-edge solutions to expand your offering can make all the difference.

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Pioneering Microbial Treatments

Research and development drive our efforts to solve your customers’ challenges. One of our strongest solutions to date, Biotifx®40B, can treat over 1 million gallons of flow with just a 1lb water-soluble packet. The blend of microbial strains scientifically selected for their ability to degrade a broad range of organic material makes it possible.

“Biotifx® 40B is 10 times the strength of our standard treatments and 10-40 times the strength of some of our competitors.”

Sona Son, MDG Director of Research and Development

Real-Life Results

A municipal wastewater treatment lagoon had accumulated high levels of sludge after decades of loading and was scheduled to be dredged. Instead, a Biotifx® distributor treated the lagoon with 40B. After five months of treatment, over 670,000 dry tons of sludge were reduced despite the continuous loading of solids.

An independent third-party engineering firm estimated that Biotifx® 40B saved the facility $336,000 in dredging costs.

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People, Programs & Products

Premium products are just one part of what we offer you. Our Biotifx® Program is based on three pillars designed to help set you, your team and your customers up for success.

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Our world-class scientists, field technicians and marketers become an extension of your team. Need a sample tested? Want to ensure your customers treat in the right location? Need a private label? Your MDG team is here to help.



Case studies, product sheets, presentations and more are available to help you sell via our BlackBox® Knowledge program.

So that you can provide exceptional service, you get application guides, dosing calculators and other tools as part of our C.A.T.E.R. program (consult, analyze, treat, evaluate and report).

Your reps also get hands-on training and educational walk-throughs during our full-day C2® Training course.

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The Biotifx® product line is comprised of premium specialty blends of Bacillus bacteria. Each has been scientifically selected to maximize results when treating some of the most common wastewater challenges.

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Here To Serve

Your customers are often working against their wastewater system’s biology. Offer them a solution that gets to the root of the problem and become an innovative problem solver to them.
Microbial Discovery Group is dedicated to putting a full stop to the perplexity around microbial treatments and clearing up the “FOG.”

Partner with MDG. We’ll help you offer the latest solutions so you can be your customers’ hero.


#WeGotYourBac™ with Bacillus

Bioaugmentation doesn’t have to be confusing. Take the guesswork out of distributing these solutions by partnering with a manufacturer who provides you with the educational foundation you need and the latest premium products. Get more information about how to rollout the Biotifx® support program within your company and provide quality microbial solutions.