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Dive into the future of health with MDG. Our commitment to pioneering innovative solutions helps you find success on your journey into probiotic ingredients for human health, backed by our expertise and dedication to quality. 

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We stand at the forefront of the human health industry, rigorously screening over 10,000 Bacillus strains to ensure top performance and regulatory compliance. With an innovative R&D pipeline, comprehensive technical support and expansive manufacturing capacity, we are a pivotal player in driving the human Hhalth sector forward. 

 Learn why working with MDG is the right choice when it comes to probiotic partnership. 

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Alan Minski

I’m the business development manager for the human health business unit at Microbial Discovery Group (MDG), a leader in Bacillus-based probiotics. Over the past 10 years, it’s been exciting to help companies find microbial technologies that attain their complex health and environmental ambitions.

At home, I love to play golf, spend time in nature, and travel with my family. At MDG, I’m your lead advocate to help you find the right technology that serves your unique probiotic growth goals.

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