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Cody Foster

My name is Cody Foster, and I am a business development leader for our industrial, institutional, and consumer (IIC) Division (and avid fly fisherman in my spare time).

I’m passionate about the work I do at MDG to help Feed, Clean, Save the World. My role within the IIC division is to help customers understand the benefits of using Bacillus-based ingredients to revolutionize their cleaning products. With a focus on environmentally friendlier solutions, my expertise lies in enhancing product effectiveness and sustainability while also driving sales and ROI for your business.

If you are looking for new, proven technology to either launch new products within your IIC biological category of products or improve and retool your existing IIC catalog, we should get together and discuss. Or, if you are asking yourself, “What is an IIC biological category of products?” let’s find time to meet!

Schedule a meeting with me using my Calendly link below to learn more about how we can help you!

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By providing expert formulation support, detailed market and competitor analysis, and continuous educational resources, we help our customers navigate new territory in microbial product development. Our collaborative partnerships can help lead you to significant increases in revenue and continued market success.  

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