By leveraging natural processes to clean up contaminated sites, we provide solutions for the remediation of soils, sludge, and water.


MDG provides solutions that speed up the biodegradation of harmful chemicals. By re-balancing the system with the proper microbial processes, chemical breakdown is reduced from years to weeks.

Let us work with you to start cleaning up the world, one site at a time.  

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Our products contain scientifically selected strains for the petrochemical industry. Our multi-strain Bacillus blend is formulated with micronutrients for increased hydrocarbon degradation.

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What Sets Us Apart

Targeted Strain Selection

Our product provides a high concentration of seven (7) different Bacillus strains formulated with micronutrients ideal for bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Lab Support

Our team of microbiologists are knowledgeable about the science of bioremediation. They can be available to answer questions or provide product application guidance.

Our Vision

MDG recognizes the need for finding sustainable solutions to the world’s largest problems. When we work to create value for our partners, we also focus on the greater impact we can make towards our mission to FEED, CLEAN, and SAVE THE WORLD.

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