Quintillion Spores Produced In Our Facility

Billion Lbs Of Animal Feed

Billion Gallons of Wastewater Treated


At Microbial Discovery Group (MDG), we create value to our partners while working to Feed, Clean & Save the World. MDG recognizes the need for sustainable solutions to the world’s largest problems:

  Lack of accessible food

  Limited access to clean water

  Poor sanitation and disease

Our programs, products, and biological solutions have the ability to play an integral role in providing millions of nutritious meals, creating clean water, and saving thousands of lives on a global basis. These issues compel us every day to work towards our vision to Feed, Clean, Save the World.

In 2023, MDG’s Biotifx® program achieved Proven Success in wastewater treatment. With a sharp focus on expanding our service and support to 50 states and dozens of countries, the Biotifx® program played a pivotal role in elevating the success of our distribution partners. This year, our customers experienced an impressive 40% growth in their customer base.

At MDG, we strive to deliver effective wastewater treatment solutions through our people, products, and programs. Not only do we aim for effectiveness in our products, but we also promise Proven Success for our partners.


This year, Biotifx® treated upwards of 80 billion gallons of water. That’s over 160,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Additionally, we treated wastewater in all 50 states, as well as dozens of countries worldwide.

With the help of MDG, our distributors grew their account base by 50% this year and doubled the amount of facilities treated. We’re expecting even more for 2024, because our favorite way to grow is with our partners. 

When customers added MDG products, they, on average, experienced a growth of 15-25% in their product lines.

Our SporActiv® catalog continues to grow as we develop potent solutions for a multitude of applications and markets. SporActiv® is now home to many different products, each specifically designed and manufactured to focus on specific jobs.


SporActiv® Degrease – Breaks down organic material in grease traps and lift stations, Degrease found success this year in the treatment of concrete floors.

SporActiv® Core – Our multi-strain blend continues to serve as a powerful microbial ingredient for many well-known industrial and institutional grade products.

SporActiv® SepticPac – This blend is effective against problems that arise in septic tanks and is popular for its ease-of-use and potency.

The industry is growing, and we are growing with it! Our Franklin, WI facility now houses one 5,000L and three 10,000L size fermentors. The small to medium fermentors allow us to meet the market’s demand by growing pure strains, per customer, one strain at a time. This addition increases our custom fermentation capacity from 25,000L to 35,000L.


At MDG, we have 21 microbiologists on staff and our laboratory is your laboratory. In 2023, our microbiologists helped our partners with more technical support request than ever before. They worked to perform treatability tests, help our partners meet regulatory standards, provide plate counts, offer formulation guidance and more..