“The isolation, characterization, and ability to grow microbial strains commercial scale. That's what we do better than anybody else and in a very short timeframe.”
Ardean Veldkamp
Director of Sales

Our research and development teams make up a large part of our everyday workflow with a focus on isolating new strains that are unique to specific applications. We strive to provide a complete solution to real problems our customers are facing. 

“When is the last time your supplier brought you something new?”

With many tools at our disposal, it is less about the equipment we have and more about how we apply those different resources to solve unique problems. Our teams are encouraged to challenge each other to accomplish things that have never been done.

We leverage our DNA capabilities throughout the quality control process, but also within the research and development phase to study microbial ecology. Our research includes a variety of testing procedures to ensure that a product works before it is ever sold.

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