Under the Microscope, MDG’s Administrative Assistant, Shannon Ambrowiak

  • MDG
  • May 8, 2018

Receptionist Shannon Ambrowiak

Under the Microscope is our Administrative Assistant, Shannon Ambrowiak. We refer to Shannon as our “Master of First Impressions” because she’s the first to greet our guests when they arrive at MDG.


1. What drew you to Microbial Discovery Group?

I’d have to say it was the Feed, Clean, Save initiative and the company values.


2. What does your typical day look like?

As an Administrative Assistant, a big part of the job is being the go-to for many people, so you must be able to adapt to changes throughout the day. No two days are ever really the same here at MDG; the thing that remains constant is that I sit at the front desk ready to greet visitors and answer the phone as calls come in. If I’m not at my desk, I have my headset on so I never miss a beat. Aside from my front desk duties, I move invoices into our system for payment, help setup customer meetings, book conference rooms, design and format collateral for the sales and marketing teams, stock and order supplies, assist with shipments, as well as a variety tasks for the committees I am a part of.


3. What are you working on right now?

Right now, I am preparing for MDG to volunteer at the Hunger Task Force Farm. I am head of the Feed, Clean, Save Committee and within that, I am also on the Hunger Task Force Team. I’m also working on a project for our director of R&D, putting together our internal newsletter, helping organize our annual summer picnic, and preparing to cover for our Shipping Coordinator while she is on vacation.


4. What is the most inspiring part of your job?

Being able to be a part of Feed, Clean, Save. Having the ability to go out and volunteer as a group has been such an amazing experience. Seeing how the things we’ve done impact the community has been incredible and has inspired me to volunteer in my free time as well. I also am inspired by the constant innovation and research happening by my fellow employees.


5. What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

I absolutely love to travel and explore new places. I love hanging out with my boyfriend Bryn and our dog, Mack. I enjoy hiking, puzzles, crafty projects, binge watching TV shows. I’m a huge Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who nerd.


6. Professional goal for the next 5 years?

This is a tough question and is definitely something I think about a lot. I’d like to become more involved in volunteer and outreach programs like Feed, Clean, Save. I’d also like to continue working on my artistic skills, including writing and video. I have a background in television productions and degrees in Inter-Arts and Entertainment Business, so being able to use those skills in my future would validate the time spent getting those degrees, and it’s a field I highly enjoy.


7. Let’s talk about your role and how it is evolved within the year of you being on Team MDG…

My role has actually changed rather drastically from when I started. When I started I was heavily involved in order processing and in charge of shipping all orders out to our customers. At the beginning of this year, I passed that particular responsibility on; now I do a wide range of everything from paying our bills, to formatting sales sheets and case studies. I help pretty much every department as needed, all while continuing to answer the phones and greet customers.