MDG Year in Review 2022

MDG’s 2022 Year in Review is a showcase of bioaugmentation’s biggest successes from the past year.

We break down how our People, Products, and Programs helped to support our partners, treat record-breaking gallons of wastewater, and continue our mission to Feed, Clean, and Save the World.


In 2022, we helped show off the power of bioaugmentation to more people than ever before. But we’re most proud of the service we provided our partners this year through our Biotifx® Platform.

We served in the field with our wastewater support team, providing in-person analysis of wastewater sites as well as dosing and application guidance.

We served in the laboratory with our STAR team, performing treatability tests,  helping our partners meet regulatory standards, providing plate counts, offering formulation guidance, and more.

With the help of MDG, our partners grew 35% this year. We’re expecting even more for 2023, because our favorite way to grow is with you.


This year, Biotifx® treated more wastewater than ever before.

We treated upwards of 65 billion gallons of water this year. That’s over 10,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Additionally, we treated wastewater in all 50 states, as well as dozens of countries worldwide.


When our partners choose the Biotifx® Platform, they’re not just getting a product.

They’re getting the on-site service of our Technical Support Team, and the expertise of our STAR Team in the lab.
This relationship helps our partners open new doors and helps wastewater operators achieve incredible results.

Through this support, we’ve collected valuable insights about the interaction of bioaugmentation and wastewater.
Real Science is the core of what we do, so we wanted to share those insights with the wastewater community.

Below are our two standout technical pieces from this year, both published in independent publications and free for you to download.

Hydrogen sulfide (HS) poses significant problems to municipal collections systems due to its malodorous smell, danger to human health, and corrosion on infrastructure.

In this study, MDG examined H₂S issues across 20 Biotifx®-treated municipal systems to evaluate the effectiveness of bioaugmentation as a treatment option.

Treatment resulted in H₂S reduction in 90% of systems with an average H₂S reduction of 68% amongst successful applications.

Read the full whitepaper to learn more about these results.

More than 50% of industrial wastewater treatment facilities in the US
employ lagoons in their treatment process, and sludge is an essential part of these systems.

Sludge management in wastewater typically amounts to 40-60% of total plant costs, but charges relating to sludge disposal, such as transportation and landfill costs, have been trending upward, and regulations for land application are becoming stricter.

MDG analyzed data from eleven diverse lagoon systems treated with Biotifx® to see if biological treatment can help mitigate rising disposal costs. In the first year of treatment, bioaugmentation not only helped reduce incoming sludge, but it reduced existing sludge by an average of 56%.

Read the full whitepaper to learn more about these results.


Our SporActiv® catalog continues to grow as we develop potent solutions for a multitude of applications and markets. SporActiv® is now home to many different products, each specifically designed and manufactured to focus on specific jobs.

Here are our highlighted SporActiv® products for this year:

  • Degrease
    • Breaks down organic material in grease traps and lift stations, Degrease found success this year in the treatment of concrete floors.
  • Core
    • Our multi-strain blend continues to serve as a powerful bio-enzymatic ingredient for many well-known industrial and institutional grade products.
  • SepticPac
    • This blend is effective against problems that arise in septic tanks and is popular for its ease-of-use and potency.

Interested in seeing our full catalog?


Our success comes from your success. That’s why we’re proud to assist our partners.

As a supplier, not only did we provide ingredients that led to successful product launches, we also provided ready-to-use products for private label opportunities.

And the value we provide isn’t just in a product. In 2022, we helped with product development, marketing claims, compliance, and even product roll-outs! We know the power of Bacillus, and we want to help our partners show that as much as we can.


In 2022, our microbiologists helped our partners with more technical support requests than ever before.

Additionally, we perform many standardized tests with our customers’ finished product to ensure the efficacy, stability, and performance meets our standards, as well as our partner’s. And if it doesn’t, we are able to provide recommendations and assistance, all to make sure the finished product is perfect.


MDG has added on a new facility in Oak Creek that we call home!
We began this expansion in 2021 with custom fermentation in mind.
By relocating our office and laboratory space to a new 80,000 ft² facility, we would have the room to construct a 4th large-scale fermentor (10,000L).
Since then, we’ve doubled our space for powder blending, added blending and milling equipment, and installed two spray dryers: a 34-ft model and a pilot model.
Now in 2022, our new laboratories and office spaces are finished, and we’re already hard at work utilizing them to serve our partners even more in 2023!


We’re not done expanding our capabilities!
Our move has given more space to our Franklin facility, and we’re using that space to install an additional fermentor, increasing our capacity from 25,000-L to 35,000-L. This increased capacity will allow us to continue our fermentation method of growing pure strains as we tackle new markets, such as Plant Health.
Interested in growing with us?
Learn more about our capabilities below!


MDG recognized the need for sustainable solutions to the world’s largest problems: lack of accessible food, limited access to clean water, and poor sanitation and disease.  These issues compel us every day to work towards our vision to FEED, CLEAN, and SAVE THE WORLD.


In addition to the work that our Bacillus made towards our mission to Feed, Clean, and Save the World, our people also got out into the local community to make a further impact.

We were able to support our strategic partners with donations and volunteer hours, and this work has inspired us to give back even more in 2023.



2022 was an incredible year for MDG and our partners.

Join us for 2023.

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