When selling microbial products and programs, you’ll inevitably encounter a customer that says, “I’ve tried something like that before and it didn’t work”. This kind of experience often links back to one of four common mistakes that were made prior to or during treatment.

In this guide, we’ll go over these mistakes and how you as a distributor can avoid making them by choosing a microbial solution and partner that gives you the tools you need to make confident and accurate recommendations.


PREVENTION: Biotifx® gives you opportunity-specific Application Guides that show you how to apply the product step-by-step. Additionally, Biotifx® gives you a System Survey Tool and Dosing Calculator that make it extremely easy to avoid incorrect application.



PREVENTION: With the Biotifx® Survey Form and ROI Calculators, you can calculate an accurate value assessment for each of your customers. The program also comes with Proposal Templates that help you highlight obtainable results with real value to your customers.



PREVENTION: Our Biotifix® Qualification Guide and step-by-step System Survey make it easy for you to find the right high-value opportunities for your customers.



PREVENTION: Correctly measuring and documenting success is key to customer confidence. Biotifx® comes with Treatment Reporting and ROI calculating tools so you’ll know how to measure and report jaw-dropping results that you can showcase in case studies for future opportunities. Also, learn by doing with our Technical Support team! They’re always available to come on-site to take measurements with you and your customers.



Bring your customers a premium microbial solution that ALSO comes with the right tools and people. The MDG technical support team is second to none. Note that we only sell to distributors, never to end users. For more information about our Biotifx® program, contact us and one of our wastewater experts will be in touch.