MDG’s Manager of Administration,
Jean Carlo “JC” Mercado Fajardo, wins the
Initiative and Responsibility Award.

What about the work you do at MDG that drives and fulfills you?
Every day looks different for me. Its almost like a surprise as to what fun or challenging task will I encounter today. This gives me the opportunity to use my skillsets to problem solve, collaborate with team members to achieve a task or goal, or learn something new.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the MDG Team?
Everyone I work with are more than talented and equipped individuals, they are passionate team members, leaders in the field, looking for innovative ways to support and work towards our vision to FEED, CLEAN, and SAVE THE WORLD.

What is something at work that you’re passionate about?
It depends on what day you’re asking. If I must narrow it down to one thing, I am passionate about learning. Learning a new skill or gaining knowledge about a specific topic. Learning about a problem and seeking ways to solve them or be a part of the solution. My favorite is learning about my colleague’s personal life. It helps me connect with other people, to understand just a little about their lives. Learning makes me feel fulfilled.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?
My life outside of MDG is full of church engagements, whether that’s attending a service, to leading worship or teaching a Bible Study class to the youth group. Otherwise, you will find me with family, hanging out on movie night or having a themed dinner.  In rare occasions, I can have an hour or two hiding away in my house, with a strong cup of coffee and a good book.

MDG’s mission is to “Feed, Clean, Save.” What does that mean to you?
It means that everything we do, big or small, matters. We can determine how we impact the world, starting locally, within our homes, what we do in our day-to-day, not just in grand gestures.

Who at MDG would you like to recognize?

I have 2 people I’d like to recognize for different reasons.

Sierra Garcia

Sierra is just an incredible person to work with. More times than not it doesn’t even feel like work. She is ambitious without being impulsive or aggressive. She is extremely talented and creative.

Aubrey Wilms

Aubrey is a doer. She is always down to jump in and help. She takes initiative and prides herself in providing quality results. What makes this even more fascinating, is that she does it all with a fun, playful yet professional and detailed manner.