Jenna Trusso, Industrial & Institutional Sales Manager, is always ready to offer a helping hand. We recently sat down with the head of our Feed Clean Save program to learn more about how it has grown and what’s planned for the future

  1. What is the MDG Feed Clean Save Committee?

MDG’s vision is to Feed, Clean and Save the World. While our products do that each and every day, our employees also like to extend efforts locally through volunteer projects. The FCS Committee is a group of employees who plan and execute activities in support of our local community. Each organization we work with contributes to an aspect of FCS. In addition to volunteer projects, the FCS Committee also keeps our vision top of mind for employees as it is a huge part of our culture. We like to say that everyone can make a difference, but only through action… the FCS committee is all about action.

  1. What is your role in the committee?

Alongside the other members of the FCS committee, I assist in setting goals for the year, help to plan activities and participate in all events. As head of the committee, I get to take on a few additional tasks including planning and leading meetings, communicating with our partner organizations and setting a path for the upcoming year.

  1. What is something the FCS Committee did recently or is working on right now?

Right now, the FCS committee is working on ways we can continue to expand our reach. We are working with two universities to set up scholarships for students who are focusing their studies or thesis projects in areas that support aspects of FCS.

As we wrap up 2020, the FCS committee is reflecting on the past year and putting a plan together for 2021. As in-person volunteer opportunities have been put on hold for much of the year, we are focusing on how we can continue to support our partners in different ways.

  1. What do you feel is the FCS Committee’s greatest accomplishment?

I believe the greatest accomplishment of the FCS Committee is that we have developed partnerships with local organizations that they can count on. It’s easy to look at accomplishments in terms of hours served or meals donated but personally, I believe that the fact that our partners can reach out with an immediate need is an accomplishment that will have lasting effects.

  1. How does the FCS Committee impact MDG?

I’d say it goes back to the tight-knit family feel that we have here. I’ve worked at several different companies and the level of attention and involvement from the President here as well as his desire to connect with and help people grow is unique. There’s also a high level of autonomy that I haven’t experienced anywhere else and it’s really refreshing.

  1. What are some goals you hope the committee can accomplish in 2021?

In 2021 we plan to continue to expand our FCS efforts and reach outside of the MDG Team. Over the past two years we have focused on including the Franklin and Oak Creek communities and businesses in activities such as the Cereal Drive for Hunger Taskforce and the annual MDG Blood Drive. In 2021, we hope to offer ways to support FCS to our business partners.

  1. What do you feel is the unique value the FCS Committee brings our team members?

As mentioned earlier, our products work to feed, clean and save everyday but sometimes it’s hard for us to tangibly feel that from the lab or production floor. The FCS committee offers our employees a way to directly see the people and parts of the environment that we’re supporting.

  1. What do you feel is the unique value the FCS Committee brings our customers?

If it wasn’t for FCS, MDG wouldn’t be the partner that we are today. When you have a vision that benefits people across the globe you are inspired to work hard every day and offer solutions that you stand behind. I believe that the energy the committee brings to FCS propels us to continue to make high-quality products that we’re proud of.