According to a study by the EPA 53% of home septic systems were found to be ill-maintained. Ill-maintained septic systems that start with minor issues can turn into septic system failures, resulting in backups and odors, leaving your customers with quite the mess to clean up and having to dip into their rainy-day funds.

As a cleaning product manufacturer, your ability to provide your customers with reliable septic system maintenance demonstrates your commitment to help prevent problems, earn their trust, and save them money.

Like household appliances that require maintenance, septic tanks are no exception. Neglecting to maintain a residential or commercial septic tank can lead to sewage odors around the septic tank or drainfield, as well as sewage back-up through toilets, drains, and sinks.

Maintaining your customers’ septic systems can include a microbial-based solution such as Bacillus which will help to continuously break down and remove solids and odors to help prevent septic system failures.

Treatment with Bacillus-based bacteria will increase overall bacterial activity in the community and help to digest the excess organic material that can lead to clogs, backups, and odors. Septic systems are constantly accumulating new organic material and new members to the microbial community that may or may not have the necessary tools to digest the material present. Bacillus bacteria excel at breaking down a broad range of materials thanks to the multitude of enzymes they produce. Once the solids and odor-causing compounds have been broken into smaller components by enzyme activity, they are more readily available for the Bacillus as well as other members of the native microbial community to consume. Increased bacterial digestion leads to a healthier system with slower buildup of solids and fewer odors.

To learn how to help prevent failures like backups and odors, read ‘The Top 5 Tips to Prevent Septic System Back-Ups.’

Minor issues can escalate into costly failures, highlighting the importance of proactive maintenance. As an industrial and institutional cleaning manufacturer, offering reliable septic system maintenance showcases your commitment to helping customers avoid problems, earn their trust, and save money. Microbial-based treatments can offer sustainable and reliable solutions to help prevent septic system failures.


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