Setting the Scene

Does this scenario look familiar to you?

If you work in municipal collections, of course it does! It’s a fairly standard lift station vacuum truck clean-out. While expensive and tedious, most municipalities have come to reluctantly accept this as an ongoing occurrence and expense.


How about this one?

That’s right, you are looking at the top view of a confined space entry lift station pit that is 40+ feet down. This one is more unique, but if you’re familiar with this sight you’re also familiar with the hefty bill. The cost of three vac truck personnel and two city personnel onsite for 4 hours PLUS the hauling and disposal fees associated with a truck full of 4,000 gallons of grease and wipes will set you back a pretty penny.

The COVID-19 Effect

With people spending more time at home instead of at work, you can expect more wipes, toilet paper, grease and solids going down residential sewer lines that weren’t were designed to handle the load.  So, while the need for these sorts of cleanouts and expenses are budgeted to happen occasionally, they are going to become increasingly frequent. This increase in usage means more vacuum trucks, labor, disposal feeds, and possible workforce exposure to keep municipal lines running smoothly.

We Are Here for You!

After treating hundreds of municipalities with the same concerns, we developed our Biotifx® Municipal Collection System Program. Coupled with our premium bioaugmentation products, our program comes with easy-to-use tools and resources that walk you through the treatment process. The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. Our team of Technical Service experts are here to walk you through the process. Together, we can help municipalities maintain their collections systems by effectively digesting FOG and solids that cause equipment failure.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about our bioaugmentation solutions and how they save money and time spent on clean-outs. Don’t spend your day like this guy!