MDG has completed its obligation to notify under the New Substance Notification Regulations (Organisms) for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) on strains of Bacillus. Once imported into Canada the strains will be added to the Domestic Substance List (DSL) increasing MDG’s product offering into Canada. Adding these additional strains to the DSL will allow for more products from MDG to be available, focusing on core brands, Biotifx® for Wastewater Treatment and SporActiv® for the Industrial and Institutional market, to be sold in Canada.

What is the Domestic Substance List:

The Domestic Substance List (DSL) is an inventory of all chemical (and microorganism) substances manufactured in, or imported into, Canada on a commercial scale. 1 The DSL does not cover microorganisms that are regulated by other agencies such as those in food, feed, and fertilizer.

The list was originally published in May 1994 with 23,000 substances included. 1 Today the list is at 28,000 substances, including microorganisms, and growing. 3

MDG Bacillus Strain on the DSL:

Microorganisms, like MDG’s Bacillus, already exist on the DSL. Each microorganism strain is a unique substance, and each must be reviewed on its own merits for safety. The New Substance Notification (NSN) risk assessment includes general information on the strain, its ecological and biological characteristics, its environmental and ecological effects, and human health effects. 2

MDG has increased product offering into Canada!

  • MDG core brands are available for distribution in Canada.
  • Manufacturers and Distribution Partners have the advantage of purchasing one product for their US and Canadian market which will reduce SKU.
  • Distribution partners now have access in Canada to the MDG Biotifx® platform.
  • Biotifx® brings MDG’s Proven Success with documented field trials to Canadian users.
  • The Biotifx® platform offers the benefits of bioaugmentation. We identify challenges, apply products, and provide our people’s expertise.

To learn more and to become a distributor for MDG, or if you are wanting to distribute MDG products into Canada, contact us here for wastewater treatment products and contact us here for industrial and institutional Bacillus-based ingredients.

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