Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) LLC celebrated the expansion of their R&D and production facility with a ribbon cutting on August 5th.  Microbial Discovery Group (MDG), founded in 2007 in their current location in Franklin, WI, needed to expand to meet demand for new opportunities for microbial-based products and solutions. MDG added a second laboratory and expanded the MDG facilities and workspaces to double the number of possible employees and accelerate the rate of technology development.  This expansion was on the heels of manufacturing expansion and

unnamed-2processing changes that almost doubled capacity the year before.  According to MDG founder, Michael King, Ph.D., “As MDG continues to scale-up to meet demand; the number of team members has grown from 2 to 20 employees making this expansion an absolute necessity.  We needed to make room for the second laboratory but most importantly needed to house our most valuable asset, our people.”  MDG’s talented team includes scientists, engineers, technical support, production, business development and customer service.

The $500,000 expansion and facility update added an additional 3500 square feet of laboratory and office space for two recently hired microbiologists, one admin position and additional interns. MDG is currently recruiting two more scientists, a production manager and a regulatory/international registration specialist and will likely add 40% more total staff including more sales positions over the next couple of years.  The second laboratory,  new equipment  and additional staff allows MDG to increase their high throughput microbiology and molecular biology discovery initiatives while providing much needed support infrastructure.  This will continue MDG’s strong innovation capabilities but at a much faster rate covering more market segments.

Microbial Discovery Group excels at isolation of novel microbial strains that solve environmental concerns, as well as large-scale manufacturing of environmentally-safe microbials for commercial applications. MDG’s custom fermentation services and products support plant health, aquaculture, animal nutrition, bioremediation, wastewater management, and more.

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