Microbial Discovery Group LLC (MDG), a leading R&D driven product development and Bacillus fermentation company, announced that as of January 2020 the brand will be refreshed with a new logo and color scheme. MDG wanted to share the rationale behind the updates and what they represent for their brand and customers.

“Having experienced significant growth over the past few years and expansion into new markets, it was time to bring cohesion to our brand and our company values of working to Feed, Clean, and Save the World,” explained Jackie Worth, Head of Marketing.

“We needed the ability to clearly communicate MDG’s commitment to our values and unique identity.”

The new bolder logo and color scheme work to better represent the company’s drive towards creating cutting edge solutions backed by what they describe as Real Science, Trusted Process, and Proven Success in their corporate tagline.

“Our new logo really embodies the strength we have within our R&D team as we gain momentum towards safely meeting the growing market demands from Probiotic Usage, Plant Health, Antibiotic Alternatives, and Biological Solutions within Wastewater and Industrial and Institutional cleaning,” added Michael King, CEO/CSO.

With healthy growth projections for 2020, MDG remains extremely committed to providing value for their customers with meaningful, quality solutions.

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