We believe that everyone can make a difference, but only through action. MDG recognizes the need for sustainable solutions to the world’s largest problems:

  • Lack of accessible food
  • Limited access to clean water, and
  • Poor sanitation and disease

These issues compel us every day to work towards our vision to FEED, CLEAN, and SAVE THE WORLD. Our programs, products, and biological solutions have the ability to play an integral role in providing millions of nutritious meals, creating clean water, and saving thousands of lives on a global basis. Locally, we also like to extend ourselves through volunteer opportunities that are aligned with our vision and values to affect positive change. With the support and inspiration of our partners, WE ARE TAKING ACTION.

This year has been marked by our unwavering commitment to local outreach and community service. We’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting various vital missions aimed at nourishing our neighbors and, in the process, saving countless lives.

In February 2023, MDG employees volunteered time at local community meal programs, The Gathering and St. Vincent de Paul, where we prepared and served freshly cooked meals to the hungry and homeless.

As March rolled in, we continued our tradition of hosting an annual blood drive in collaboration with Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin. Fun fact: 1 unit of blood can save up to 3 lives!  This event left a profound impact on our employees as they selflessly extended their assistance to those in need.

With the arrival of spring, our team actively participated in the preparation of a local community garden operated by The Victory Garden Initiative, setting the stage for a fruitful season ahead. In fact, this experience inspired us to commit to our very own garden plot, a testament to our dedication to improve accessibility to food in our community.

Throughout the summer months, we tirelessly tended to our bell peppers and tomatoes, which eventually yielded a bountiful harvest. These fresh produce items were donated to our friends at The Gathering, where they played a crucial role in providing fresh produce to their meal program. Witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts as our harvest directly contributed to feeding our neighbors in need made this summer exceptionally rewarding.

Thank you to all the MDGers who participated in the events this year!

Check out the images below to gain insight into our active involvement within our community!