Well, ok, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but this modified version seems fitting. Recently, MDG received its third centrifuge to match its three fermentors already in operation. This R2D2 looking device might sound boring, but it’s an essential piece of our custom fermentation arsenal.

So, why is having a third centrifuge so important? Simply put, improved production. The centrifuge spins the liquid from a fermentation batch at over 10,000 x g and separates the Bacillus spores from the spent fermentation medium. This process removes about 90% of the water before the freeze or spray drying step. With three fermentors running, totaling 25,000 liters in production capacity, our ability to turn these vessels is dependent on these centrifuges. It’s possible to harvest with one fermentor and with one centrifuge, but it makes for a pretty long day. If you use two centrifuges at once, harvesting is much more manageable. But if one goes down on you during a harvest, it can mess up a shift or a day quickly. Having the third centrifuge gives you multiple options and the same shift redundancy.

Just last month, our crew was able to turn 22 fermentation batches with two centrifuges, so imagine how much we’re looking forward to what our team can do now that the third centrifuge has arrived. In the world of fermentation, you are always chasing the next bottleneck. With this new centrifuge in place, our focus now is on completing our third freeze dryer. I guess it is true – Good Things Always Happen in 3’s.