Our big “why” at Microbial Discovery Group is to Feed, Clean and Save the World. As our products work to do this daily, our employees also find great value in supporting local companies whose efforts work to do the same. For the past five years, MDG has participated in The Hunger Task Force (HTF) Holiday Food Drive. This drive supplies over 1500 families with holiday food bins. What is MDG’s part in the bins?… CEREAL!

We’re excited to share that our 5th Annual Cereal Drive was our largest yet. With the support of our partner, United Animal Health in Sheridan, IN, and the generosity of our employees, MDG donated over 700 boxes! These record-breaking numbers encourage us to dream bigger for the 2020 Cereal Drive. It is our hope that next year local companies and MDG partners will join us in this impactful outreach.

This year’s contribution to HTF nearly doubled last year’s efforts. Curious as to what sparked the engagement? Six MDG Employees graciously agreed to be part of a pie-in-the-face contest. The rules were simple, if MDG donated over 600 boxes, all six employees would get pied. Turns out, a little fun makes for a good fundraiser. Stay tuned to see the pies in action!