Matthew West

We had an unexpected and wonderful guest last week! My family and I volunteered to escort the chart topping Christian singer Matthew West to a very special concert at the Milwaukee County House of Correction, an important stop before his show at the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds later that night. At the House of Correction, his lyrics touched the hearts of those in attendance. FOX 6 was there to capture it all, and Matthew shared with them, “No matter how messed up this stage of your life might be, this does not have to define you.”

After the show, I shared how his song “Do Something” had played a role in creating our FeedCleanSave vision, as we also hope that we can make an impact in someone’s life, doing more than just being a business. To our surprise, he was excited to learn more about our efforts. Since we were less than a mile from our Franklin office, we invited him to stop by and talk more. While he was here, he shot a personal video message to one of our employees, who was also inspired by his songs and is currently doing mission work in Haiti. It was such an inspiring day and I will continue to encourage MDG and everyone else to “Do Something!”