“The isolation, characterization, and ability to grow microbial strains commercial scale. That's what we do better than anybody else and in a very short timeframe.”
Ardean Veldkamp
Director of Sales

Trust is developed through confidence in our products and the honorable integrity of our people.

MDG understands that customer confidence begins with a thorough needs analysis. As a fully integrated partner, we offer –

  • in-house manufacturing,
  • individually grown stains,
  • consistent, repeatable results, and
  • personal, ongoing tech support from a long-term partner they value and trust.

MDG reduces risk for the customer through testing our products both in-house and in the field. Reliable products followed by a continuous consulting process create the due diligence required to honor the brand and reputation of our customers.

Trusted process is our gold standard; it is our commitment.

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