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    “The isolation, characterization, and ability to grow microbial strains commercial scale. That's what we do better than anybody else and in a very short timeframe.”
    Ardean Veldkamp
    Director of Sales

    Wastewater Programs

    More than a product…an integrated approach.

    Wastewater bioaugmentation involves more than just a product; it requires understanding the science and applying a comprehensive approach to solving your customers’ most pressing concerns.

    A single solution is rarely the fix and is more likely a band-aid, usually a costly one. In order for microbes to work effectively the proper scheduling, dosage, environmental conditions, equipment functionality, testing, etc. must be applied.

    Your team, and ultimately your customers, will benefit from MDG’s exclusive programs that are designed around an integrated approach that embraces the operations, engineering, water chemistry, and biology behind effective wastewater treatment.

    Simplify the complexity.

    MDG’s programs are designed to equip you with everything you need to quickly build confidence and competence in the wastewater market.

    Our Biotifx™ platform not only includes access to world-class products, but also to the research, education, and ongoing technical support behind implementation. Each of our proprietary programs dissects a potential challenge faced by the wastewater industry and offers a simplified solution along with easy to use resources that accelerate your learning curve.

    We have field-tested, proven processes that allow you to maximize your time doing what you do best, while we serve behind the scenes.



    Simple Start™ Program

    The MDG Simple Start™ Program is a simple and easy assessment program that allows your sales staff to quickly learn how to open new doors and add immediate value and to engage in onsite testing. This program provides the foundation of understanding the customer’s pains, along with the knowledge of how to make sound recommendations.


    C2™ Wastewater Training Program

    The MDG C2™ Wastewater Training Program is a proprietary training program that will equip service providers with confidence and competence in the wastewater industry. This one day training session will equip you on the proper use of:

    • Service provider flip book
    • Simple Start™ Program
    • Biotifx™ platform of products
      • Features
      • Technical benefits
      • Application
    • BlackBox™ Knowledge Program
      • Understand the eight (8) common reasons for wastewater failure


    CATER™ Program

    In conjunction with our products, we developed The CATER™ Program, our foundational service program, to provide the service component required for successful project outcomes. CATER™ combines chemistry, engineering, biological and operational knowledge and information to allow the customer to make sound decisions regarding their systems. CATER™ is a proprietary, continuous improvement program designed to assist the wastewater industry in making informed decisions. CATER™ improves both processes and people efficiency while reducing variation and reducing operational cost.


    BlackBox™ Knowledge

    The BlackBox™ Knowledge Program draws on the expertise of chemists, engineers, microbiologists, operations managers and the use of proven scientific processes to better understand how to optimize system operation. This BlackBox™ Knowledge is part of all of MDG wastewater programs.

    Become an
    MDG Insider
    Gain exclusive access to fresh insights from MDG’s top microbial experts, learn relevant new industry trends, and hear about upcoming events.