With access to our experts and the latest research, along with our two-day shipping and packaging capabilities, Microbial Discovery Group helps institutional and consumer suppliers stand out with trusted products.



We want you to benefit from access to our experts. MDG’s SporActiv™ products are accompanied with support services that confirm the effectiveness of our products, ensure compatibility and formulation stability, offer regulatory guidance and provide you with new research and studies that keep you ahead of your competition.

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The SporActiv™ liquid and powder product line contains safe ingredients scientifically selected to serve a multitude of consumer and industrial cleaning needs.

Offerings include: Standard Two-Day Shipping Line, Expanded SporActiv™ Line and Custom Products with private label support.

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Product Lines

SporActiv™ Standard Two-Day Shipping Line

We hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service. Our two-day shipping line provides fast turn-around for our top selling products.

SporActiv™ Expanded Line

If your customers’ needs expand outside of our Standard Two-Day Shipping Line, our Expanded SporActiv™ Line compliments our top-selling products with a variety of additional cleaning solutions.


We understand that one size does not fit all. Since our products are made in-house from discovery to scale-up, we have the capabilities to customize a current product or develop an entirely new one to fit your needs.

Industrial Applications

Odor Control

General Purpose Products

Food Ingredient and Beverage Industry

Pulp/Paper Industry

Meat and Dairy Plants

Petrochemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Septic Tanks

Grease Traps

Lift Stations


Mop & Bucket Storage



Floor & Tile Cleaners

RV Holding Tanks

Laundry & Household Cleaning

And More…



 Turn-key solutions handled in-house from start to finish.

  • Grower: We are a basic manufacturer, all MDG Bacillus strains are grown in-house.
  • Blender: Our blender gives us the capability to blend six thousand pounds of powder in five minutes.
  • Packager: SporActiv™ water-soluble packages and pre-measured foil packages are made in-house, eliminating the need for outsourcing.
  • Shipping: We offer a Standard Two-Day Shipping Product Line for fast turn-around.

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SporActiv™ Technical Support Offerings

Read Our Full SporActiv Support brochure to learn more about all of our technical offerings.

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