“As a leader in custom fermentation, our process allows you to go from inception to market in 90-­120 days.”
Ardean Veldkamp
Director of Sales

You have worked hard to find the perfect strain. Your final step to commercialization is to scale your product and you need this done rapidly, accurately and economically. That’s what we do best. We provide pilot-scale product for customer trials while helping you achieve manufacturing scale.

Our fermentation capabilities are complemented by our downstream processing, including centrifugation, freeze-drying, powder and liquid blending, and our packaging capabilities.

Check out a full list of our Fermentation and Manufacturing Capabilities HERE.

We also encourage you to visit MDG or watch our FACILITY TOUR so we can show you that we are a fit for your custom needs.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Rapid Scale Up
  • Downstream Processes
  • Capacity
  • Quality Programs and Certification
  • MDG Employees
  • Real Science, Trusted Process, Proven Success

Also, visit our CUSTOM FERMENTATION, and NEWS sections to learn more, or send us a quick EMAIL!

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