“I don't have time to make mistakes. That's why I work with MDG, they give me a product that works every time.”
Wastewater Treatment

Whether industrial or municipal, Microbial Discovery Group's proprietary platforms address the variety of challenges associated with wastewater treatment. Learn More

Custom Fermentation

Microbial Discovery Group's deep expertise in custom fermentation affords you the confidence to expect high quality, consistent scaled-up strains delivered back to you with efficiency and integrity.
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Industrial and Institutional

Microbial Discovery Group's commitment to developing unique and differentiated formulations combined with stringent stability testing and quality control ensures your product success in the marketplace. Learn More


The remediation of soils, sludge, and water require more than just the addition of packaged microbes. Microbial Discovery Group can assist you in applying a total systems approach to soil bioremediation. Learn More

Plant Health

Microbial Discovery Group excels in identifying antibacterial, antifungal and growth promotion properties to improve plant health and growth. Learn More


Aquaculture is the fastest growing meat protein industry in the world. Microbial Discovery Group’s in-depth understanding of water quality, feed conversion, and disease prevention creates strong value-add partnerships. Learn More

Source From The Source We Are The Grower.
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About MDG

Microbial Discovery Group is an R&D driven product development, scale up and large scale Bacillus fermentation company. Here at MDG, your ideas are refined and delivered by applying Real Science to a Trusted Process, yielding Proven Success. MDG is passionate about applying scientific principles to developing new products that solve problems, creating methods that increase fermentation yield or creating positive outcomes out in the field. Science alone is not enough, so we have created procedures, processes and programs that create consistent and reliable results you can rely on time and time again. It is only through this combination of real science and trusted processes can we deliver proven success in the field with your customers. Your reputation means a lot to us because we only succeed when you succeed.

MDG has the capabilities, capacity and commitment to help you realize success.

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Facility Tour

Microbial Discovery Group is a basic manufacturer. Others might look and act like they are the grower, but MDG is a grower. Take a few minutes and tour our facility to understand the investment and capabilities that are at your disposal. The only thing we are more proud of is our people.

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Microbial Discovery Group delivers more than just innovation. MDG is a full service manufacturing facility that takes a client’s problem from the beginning stages of strain isolation all the way through to the production of the product.

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